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Knowledgeable Real Estate Attorneys

Navigating Property Transactions with Expertise and Insight

Real estate attorneys are licensed professionals who undertake legal responsibilities related to real estate. A lawyer can represent the interests of the buyer, seller or lender. One of their most important tasks is the preparation and review of documents necessary for the purchase and sale of real estate. 

What does a real estate attorney do?  The services of real estate lawyers are different. Some work with events related to commercial buildings, such as office space; others focus on developing, selling and buying homes; and some have a more general knowledge of all types of real estate.

Here are some tasks a real estate attorney can perform during a transaction.

  • Real estate negotiation 
  • Real estate editing and review 
  • Title searches 
  • Title insurance conditions 
  • Prepare closing documents 
  • Handle disputes and litigation related to real estate 
  • Act as a representative in enforcement proceedings 
  • Address zoning and land use issues 
  • File silent header functions 
  • Drafting and review of lease and sublease agreements 
  • Construction loans and contracts 
  • Handle disputes and negotiations 
  • Prepare and review contracts

When Should You Hire a Real Estate Attorney?

There are times when it makes sense to work with a real estate attorney, such as when you want an independent third party to review the contract and represent your interests during the transaction. Depending on your salary, renting one can be a worthwhile investment to avoid legal risks and liabilities. Experts guide you through all the complex legal issues related to real estate and help you make the right decisions.